The college has an enriched library with sufficient text and reference books and journals including Teacher's Education. New books are added to library through the course of each academic year.
The Library staff is always available to assist students in finding material needed for their course and other related pursuits

Sitting capacity in the Reading Room 100
Number of books 10111
Number of Titles 2453
Number of References books like Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, Documents, reports etc 857

Service Provided

Internet Facility
Book Bank Facility
Reference Facility
Reading Room Facility
Information Literacy Awareness

Names of journals subscribed

I. Journal of Indian Education II. School Science
III. Indian Education Review IV. Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha
V. ANWESHKA VI. Prathmik Shiksha
VII. Education Herlad VIII. Nayi Shiksha Padathi
IX. Journal of Indian Education X. Indian Education Abstract
XI. Teacher Support XII. Primary Teacher
XIII. Chetna (Journal of Education)
Number of books added during the previous academic session 400
Number of Books added during the current academic session 500