Health & Physical Centre

In the field of physical education and health, students learn about the human body, exercise and nutrition. Graduates may become physical education teachers, personal trainers, health educators or fitness professionals. Keep reading to explore academic and career options in this field.

Physical education (P.E.) and health studies give students a scientific base of knowledge that combines biological, physical, environmental and social sciences. This builds a foundation upon which students can learn the specialized skills required for their desired occupations. Graduates of related programs often seek jobs as physical education or health teachers, among other possibilities as health professionals and educators.

Although most people think of schoolteachers when they consider careers in physical education and health, there are also job options in fitness and athletics. At, you will find a wealth of information about this field, from the numerous degree options to the specialization choices and career paths available.

Equipments in Department

Indoor Games

S.R Instrument
01. Badminton (Net, Racket, Cock)
02. Table Tennis (Net, Table, Racket)
03. Chess (Chess Board)
04. Chiny Checker (Board)
05. Carom Board (Carom Coins, Board & Powder)

Outdoor Games

S.R Instrument
01. Football (Net, Ball, Ground)
02. Volleyball (Net, Table, Ground)
03. Handball (Net, Table, Ground)
04. Basketball (Court, Ball)
05. Cricket (Cricket Kit)
06. Kabbdi (Ground, Chuna)
07. Kho-Kho (Ground, Chuna)
08. Weight Machine
09. Yoga Met
10. Hight Meter
11. Medicine Ball
12. Feeta